Published: 26.02.2020

We provide a broad range of well characterized monoclonal antibodies that allow for the development of sensitive and reliable immunoassays that are suitable for the detection of proBNP, NT-proBNP and BNP in clinical samples. We also provide different recombinant antigens that can be used as standards and calibrators in immunoassays. You will now have the opportunity to learn more about NT-proBNP by watching the following video:

心力衰竭是一个严重的健康问题,其特征是患病率和经济成本的增加。 根据美国心脏协会的数据,在美国每年报告的近一百万新病例。 NT-proBNP是心力衰竭的诊断和预后生物标志物。

我们提供了种类繁多的特征明确的单克隆抗体,可用于开发灵敏且可靠的免疫测定试剂,适用于检测临床样品中的proBNP,NT-proBNP和BNP。 我们还提供了可以在免疫测定中用作标准品和校准品的不同重组抗原。


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